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Garmin G5

G5 Electronic Flight Instrument for Certificated Aircraft

Primary Attitude Indicator

Glass Upgrade for DG/HSI and Attitude Instruments in GA Aircraft

  • Replaces traditional electromechanical instruments; can be configured in attitude, DG/HI/HSI and turn coordinator positions
  • Bright, sunlight-readable 3.5” LCD color display, sized to fit standard 3-1/8” instrument cutout
  • Certified via approved model list (AML) for STC’d installation on more than 560 aircraft makes and models
  • Includes a 4-hour backup battery with battery status indicator
  • Dual G5 installation offers reversionary display capability plus the added redundancy of dual ADAHRS and dual backup batteries
Aspen AOA Indicator

Angle Of Attack (AOA) Indicator

Technology That Matters

Since Aspen's Evolution AOA indicator calculates angle of attack from the flight envelope data received from the air data computer and attitude heading reference system (AHRS) integrated in the Evolution 1000 PFD or Evolution 1000 MFD, and a certified GPS it does not require additional hardware, nor does it require any external aircraft modifications or sensors.

With a software upgrade to the Aspen EFD Pro or MFD1000 plus a short calibration flight, Aspen is addressing one of the FAA's most wanted safety issues for the general aviation community.

Click here to watch an inflight demonstration of Aspen's Angle of Attack Indicator


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